TTB-101 Handgun Fundamentals

This a basic course intended for those with limited to no prior experience with firearms in general and handguns in particular.

TTB-102 Women's Only Basic Handgun

We understand that women generally do not feel comfortable learning and shooting in a mixed group. This is why Troubleshooter developed a basic course for women for instruction in the basic handling and carry of handguns.

TTB-150 Basic Shotgun

This is a basic course of instruction concerning the fundamentals of shotgun handling and usage.

Intermediate Firearms Training

Maybe you have the basic fundamentals down and are looking for a more in-depth training course. Troubleshooter Tactical offers intermediate level training!

Advanced Firearms Training

If you have a lot of experience with firearms and you want to hone your skills further then maybe some of our advanced-level training is what you need.

Individualized & Custom Training...

Not seeing what you're looking for? Contact us today for a quote on a customized training solution!